This seems like an easy answer, and most vendors will tell you: “All black, of course”.

If you’re like me and want to defy this rule, let me tell you a story.

Once, I decided to “spice-up” my outfit for a wedding. I thought to myself: “Why does it always have to be black? I can wear a different dark color and still look professional”. So I decided to wear a MK marroon top (elegant, right?) and black pants. BIG MISTAKE. Because I handle audio and 3 cameras (2 fixed and 1 moving) at weddings, I had to be back and forth from one device to the other and guess what… you can not only spot me easily, but I attracted more attention than the bride. I learned my lesson.

There are several reasons an all-black ensemble is preferable when you are a vendor at an event:

  1. When you wear an all-back outfit at a wedding or event, you attract less attention than wearing any other color. And because in these events you are constantly moving, you might be unintentionally in front of the camera (this is obvious coming from the story I just told you)
  2. If you get any dirt on you, it’s less notable.
  3. And last but not least, black is always considered timeless and elegant, so no matter what others are wearing, you’ll always fit in.

Other options, if you want to look elegant, blend in and not attract attention:

  • A white top (if you dare). This combination outfit will easily blend in especially at an event with that color scheme.
  • A dark colored dress (to feel cool and fresh). I don’t recommend this because it is difficult when getting on the floor for specialty shots, but I’ve seen many photographers pull this off.
  • An outfit that includes navy blue or dark green. These colors are also elegant and help you blend in with the floral arrangements or environment.

I recommend to stay away from:

  • Plaid pieces,
  • Tight, non-stretchy fabrics,
  • Short dresses or pants,
  • Sandals,
  • Long earrings, necklaces, bandanas,
  • Any clothing pieces without pockets.

This comes from experience and I stand 100% by this. As a video/photo vendor, we can potentially walk on different terrains (hence the no sandals rule), move up, down, run, get dirty, and always need places to put the many little things we carry with us (keys, batteries, lids, etc).

This also goes for servers, planners and DJ’s. We all want to (and should want to) be as invisible as possible, so the guests can have (and document) the best story possible. Hot summer days are not an exception. You can wear sleeveless tops and a lighter fabric bottom. (Always wear comfortable, sturdy shoes)

What about you? Do you have any funny stories? Do you agree with me?


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      • dorena_admin

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      Thank you Mark, for the encouraging words. Are you in the business? and if so, for how long?

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      • dorena_admin

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      Thank you for the compliment. Very encouraging!

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